School supply shopping simplified. Your teacher's specific requests in 1 kit, in 1 click.

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What is it?

An e-commerce backed solution for 1-step school supply shopping.

Who Benefits?

How long have you been in business?

Kit Up & Go was founded in 2017 and a beta test took place with 1 school that June and July.

What is the revenue model?

With established vendor relationships and the option to purchase in bulk, we are able to secure deeply discounted prices on even name brand supplies. Processing, delivery, and profit are added into the cost of each kit, bringing it close to the retail price that would be paid regularly by parents. For approximately the same price as MSRP all the work is done for them.

Do you have competition?

Yes, there are several companies across the US that provide similar services. However, many have antiquated technology or do not offer the additional benefits listed in the quadrant above. The competition has proven the market and we are here to improve it.

How else do you stand out from others?

In addition to the benefits listed above, we also deliver our kits in 100% biodegradable boxes that can be decorated by the children and converted into an herb garden. We provide an organic starter seed packet inside each kit. #KitUpAndGrow

We are also developing a partnership with a local non-profit to employ adults with autism during our busy packing season – providing training and jobs to an underemployed population.

Director of Operations Position:

We are seeking a full time partner to help us scale the business rapidly. As a start up with only 1 other staff, this position will encompass a wide variety of duties and needed skill sets. All work will be done in tandem with the CEO and Founder, Amy Armstrong. Each person will have dedicated responsibilities with shared goals. We seek someone with the tenacity and creativity to help us solidify and implement strategic plans, partnerships, and operational practices.

Experience with organization and processes, relationship building, ease with technology, and the ability to actively problem solve are important skills.

Priorities for this position with the CEO:

  1. Evaluate, Streamline, and Adapt procedural steps for procurement and delivery of supplies. This will include aspects of: vendor relationships, inventory tracking, and warehouse set up and management.
  2. Set up of new schools and supply lists. This will include use of online applications and databases, teacher/school customer service, and order preparation.
  3. Oversight of the busy summer months. This will include part time employee hiring and management, delivery logistics, inventory management, and celebrating success at the end of the back-to-school season. :) 


As a self funded start up, our business practices are to be conservative while being open for opportunities. This salaried position allows for unlimited paid time off and will include a stipend for health insurance. The lower starting salary for year 1 will be offset with potential for larger future success through equity opportunities.


For more information or to submit interest, please contact Amy Armstrong at: