School supply shopping simplified. Your teacher's specific requests in 1 kit, in 1 click.


Frequently Asked Questions

Back-to-school arrives sooner than any parent (and let’s be honest, teacher) wants. Kit Up & Go was created to make back-to-school supply shopping a one-click and GO! experience so you can get back to enjoying the long, lazy days of summer. 

Understandably, you’ve got questions. Here’s our attempt to take some of the guesswork out. If you have any additional questions, shoot a note to

Why should I Kit Up & Go? | Five reasons:

  1. Save Your Time. Your teacher’s requested list is available in one, online click – no battling crowds, seeing shelves empty, 120-degree treks to multiple stores, endless searching and comparing through online options for just the right” item.
  2. Save Your Money. In addition to the value of your time and gas money, our deep vendor relationships and the power of buying in bulk allows you to get the same low prices as the retail prices – but ours takes all the work out and includes free delivery right to your students’ classroom.
  3. Help Your Teacher. We give teachers the ability to customize their supply kits by classroom and by grade level – giving them the exact specifications and items they need – delivered during their prep week, so on the first day of school, faculty and students can just GO.
  4. Help Your Teacher More! With every kit purchased, teachers will receive a credit of $2 to be used mid-year to re-up for any supplies that have run low.
  5. Shop Local. We pride ourselves on working within our community - local vendors, services, and talent - to support small businesses and ensure our tax dollars stay in Arizona.

What Are the Kit Up & Go Advantages? | We have four advantages:

  1. Save Time. Save Money. Save your Sanity from fighting crowds, cranky kids, and the heat. We know you’re a rock star and run all over town anyway, but save yourself some trouble. Summer days go by quickly – Kit Up & Go to spend more time with your family.
  2. Customized lists with exactly what your teachers want. Delivered during prep week with time to organize, sort, and assess. And there’s the $2 kick back for every kit ordered. So, in the mid-year scramble, you know you have your teacher covered.
  3. Created by a lifelong Phoenician. Supporting small, local businesses. All items are sourced through our partnerships with Local First Arizona and Arizona based companies - Profits stay in our state.
  4. We took the 1% Pledge! We have dedicated 1% of our entire company's equity to go to local non-profit education organizations that help all students in our state to be success stories. 

How can my school Kit Up & Go? | Kit Up & Go is teacher-driven and parent supported. Teachers send us their needs and supply lists. From there, parents can kick back, click, and GO! Kits will be delivered to each classroom and kits are customized with a special note and treat for the student.

What about all the special-order items Teachers request? | Protractors, USB Drives, Napkins, pre-sharpened pencils ...

Teachers can ask for what the need, big or small, and we’ll work with our vendors to find it; locally sourced preferred!

Our kits have lists of the required items by teachers and then a separate section for those optional items and associated prices.                          

Is there a minimum order quantity? | One Teacher. One Kit. No Problem.
But don’t be silly; we’re here to help parents and teachers save time and money. It’s simple, fast, convenient, and stress-free. We think this is a no-brainer. So tell your friends and teachers that you want them to Kit Up & Go, too! What parent doesn’t want to save time and money?

When can I order? | Our early bird and standard kits are packaged and delivered in time for teacher prep week. Of course, we can deliver kits for your students up to the day before school starts. Here’s our current schedule:


Order June 1- June 30

10% off! (free delivery too!)


Order July 1 - July 22

Free Delivery

Rush Charge

Order July 23 – July 31

$10 Shipping Charge

Last Minute Order

Order Aug 1 – Aug 5

$15 Shipping Charge

Isn’t it cheaper to order online or in superstores? | Not necessarily. We harness the power of buying in bulk. Our wholesale prices allow us to take the time, technology, and manpower to do the work for you while still keeping prices in line with top retailers.

Isn’t it cheaper to use coupons and/or wait for store back-to-school specials? | Perhaps, but we save you the trouble for hunting and pecking for the exact “right” items and schlepping all over town, going from store to store with cranky kids in the heat. Instead, pour yourself a beverage, find your school and teacher, add your kit to your cart, check out and GO!

What’s the teacher credit? | For every kit that’s ordered for their class, the teacher will receive a $2 credit to return to Kit Up & Go mid-year to purchase additional supplies.

How do I help low-income students? | We are in this to help ALL students. A portion of our profits directly support Title 1 low income schools in various aspects of the education process.